Post Drill


The Overfibers Reaming Drills are made of a monobloc in stainless steel AISI 630, mainly used for medical

instrumentation, with a high mechanical and oxidation resistance.

The toughness and the resistance characteristics, allow the drill, in case there are anomalies of use of the medical
device, to flex without breaking inside the channel reducing the risk of fractures.
The shape of the cutting edge is designed to ream and then produce a minimum material removal by rectifying the
channel walls.
The stainless steel used, has an excellent corrosion resistance both in the field of chemical sterilization and steam
sterilization (autoclave); it is also resistant to salt spray at 140 ㆍ C.
The Drill Overfibers designed specifically for each type of post and they all have the colour code for the correct
matching use.
Code: PD100
Contents: 1 Prosthetic Drill # O
Code: PD101
Contents: 1 Prosthetic Drill # 1
Code: PD102
Contents: 1 Prosthetic Drill # 2
Code: PD103
Contents: 1 Prosthetic Drill # 3
Code: PD104
Contents: 1 Prosthetic Drill #4
Code: PYD01
Contents: 1 Polygon Drill # 1
Code: PYD02
Contents: 1 Polygon Drill # 2
Code: PYD03
Contents: 1 Polygon Drill # 3