Polygon Over Post

Zirconia Glass Fiber Post

Polygon Over Post are glass fiber posts with non-circular section.
As Overfibers post surfaces are particularly rough the silanization treatments are an optional.

Clinical Directions

Polygon Over Post are the first glass fiber posts with non-circular section present on the market. This characteristic,

made possible by particular processing systems, which are part of the advanced Overfibers Know How.

They respects the morphology of the majority of the canals of single root teeth, adapting itself to the internal

anatomy of the tooth canal (see photos A and B) with minimal removal of dental matter and maximum resistant

section of the post.

They are recommended for very stressed teeth, such as abutments of extended fixed prostheses or in partially

removable combined prosthetic anchor teeth (removable prostheses). Particularly recommended for single root

premolars, canine teeth and incisors.

A – Standard post section
B – Polygon Over Post section

In non-circular and oval canals, compared to the common circular section (A), the Polygon Over Post offers a resistant

section which is almost double (B).

Note how the diameter @ is the same in the two posts. A: Standard posts with circular section overlapped at the root

canal entrance of a lower premolar;

B: Polygon Over Posts with non-circular section overlapping the same tooth: the resistant section (light blue area) is

almost double that of the previous one, and is capable of bringing a much higher level of resistance to the


3 Unit – Polygon Over Post # 1
3 Unit – Polygon Over Post # 2
3 Unit – Polygon Over Post # 3
1 Polygon Drill # 1
1 Polygon Drill # 2
1 Polygon Drill # 3
Code: PYOP01
Content: 10 Unit – Polygon Over Post # 1
Code: PYOP02
Content: 10 Unit – Polygon Over Post # 2
Code: PYOP03
Content: 10 Unit – Polygon Over Post # 3
Code: PYD01
Content: 1 Polygon Drill # 1
Code: PYD02
Content: 1 Polygon Drill # 2
Code: PYD03
Content: 1 Polygon Drill # 3