Prosthetic Over Post

Zirconia Glass Fiber Post

Hi-Rem Prosthetic Post are glass fiber posts with conical-cylindrical shape.
As Overfibers post surfaces are particularly rough the silanization treatments are an optional.
Hi-Rem Post, the Overfibers’ patented fiber post, has the great advantage to be easily removable when it is necessary.

The central longitudinal axis of Hi-Rem Prosthetic Post is made of soft polymer macro-fiber, placing in this position doesn’t affect the resistance of the post, because the stresses are minimal (neutral axis).

Clinical Directions

Hi-Rem Prosthetic Post are specific for teeth with missing or massively destroyed crowns as they present the
maximum emergency diameter at the level where they come out of the root, according to the most recent studies
regarding the root canal shapes of the teeth treated endodontically.
Their special quality is having a large emergency coronal diameter compared to the relatively small apical diameter:
this design stabilizes the prosthetic core much more effectively, making the restoration more resistant to the
displacing forces of mastication.